Apart is a touching love story between two unusual characters divided by reality and fate. Their struggle for being together unleashes terrible consequences, leading them to path full of sacrifice and loneliness.



Made as major project for the AIM program in collaboration with Alastair Richardson as Co-director and Dylan Barfield as sound designer.

Original story by: Alastair Richardson and Angela Pinilla.
Directed by: Alastair Richardson and Angela Pinilla.
Sound and score by: Dylan Barfield



My main role in this project was as Art Director.
–   I was in charge Environment and Characters Design
–   Character Modeling and texturing and most of the environment modeling and texturing.
–   Lighting, shading and the configuration of the render settings.
– edition, compositing and color grading for the final piece.

Never Again

This is what could happen when the greatest adventure of your life becomes your greatest nightmare.

Minor project in AIM Program at RMIT.

The Concept, Direction and animation was made by: Angela Pinilla.
The sound and score by: Dylan Barfield.

Espanta Pajaros

I haven’t posted anything in a while, nearly 6 months I think.

Well now I am living in Melbourne-Australia, I have just finished my first semester in the Masters of Animation and Interactive Media in the RMIT university and so far I have had a lot of fun. learning as much as I can from my lecturers and fellow students.

This was my first project  while studying the AIM program. Is a cut out animation I made with Jason Yi Kai. Is  very basic and a little hurried up by the end, but I’m very proud of the result. We both where in charge of the animation, the music was made by Jake Marks Bayley and the other sounds were made by me.

Cutout animation

Date: March 2012

El Pibe

This video was made as a trailer while working in 3dementes for a game demo called “La Banda”. Includes the video of the main song and some interaction with the game demo.
My participation was on the 3D modeling, rigging and animation for the game and the introduction video, and also the lighting and edition of the video.

Date: June 2010

Alley Champion

I made this video on 2010 for the intro of a game demo called “Alley Champion“, while working in 3dementes. This video includes the intro and some interaction with the game demo.

My participation was on the 3D modeling,texturing, rigging and animation using the videogame pipeline and the same process but oriented to the video which also included the lighting and edition of the video.

In this project I was in charge of all the 3D modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, animation and rendering of the characters for the game and the promotional video.

Note: I did all the textures of the characters except for the bold man.

Modeling: Autodesk Maya
Texturing: Photographs, Photoshop and mudbox.
Render Engine: Mental Ray