GALLERY (and ongoing projects)


Currently I am working with La Trobe PHD students of the Animal Behavior Group as a 3D artist and animator for their research in Lizard’s signaling behavior.(Ongoing project) (+)

The Janitor, high level
The Teachers

Somehow “The Teachers” sounds like a rock band. But no… it’s actually a set of characters I made while I was working in 3Dementes.(+)

Hotel Room

This is a Hotel room I made on 2009 using Autodesk maya as a tool for modeling,texturing, lighting an rendering. (+)


Maybach Exelero

Model made on 2008 of the Maybach Exelero sports car using maya. (+)

Wall-E Render

This is a replica of a shot of the Pixar Movie Wall-E I made on 2009 as part of my bachelor degree. (+)