The Teachers

Somehow “The Teachers” sounds like a rock band. But no… it’s actually a set of characters I made while I was working in 3Dementes.

I was in charge of the modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting and rendering of the characters in High polygonal Level for video purposes and Low polygonal Level for the AR use.

So here I present you the final result of my work. Though there is no animation to show, you can see the final look of my characters.

I am specially proud of the improvement my texturing abilities had while working on it ’cause this time I had almost full creative freedom while working, so I got the chance to experiment and learn as much as I wanted to.

Modeling: Autodesk Maya

Render Engine: Mental Ray

date: Aug 2011

Render Walle

This is a render I made to test my abilities. So I made the modeling, texturing and lighting for this scene trying to achieve a real feeling, similar to the images I found in the web from the wall-E movie

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Modeling: Autodesk Maya

Texturing: photoshop.

Render Engine: Mental Ray

Date: Apr 2009